Herb Butter

Take butter to a new level by whipping up your own with lemon zest and fresh herbs. Pair with toast, rice, meat, or any other dish you love to cook with butter!

Rainbow Carrots

There’s something beautiful about seeing so many colors on a plate. Show off to everyone how fun and flavorful veggies can really be, and pull out this showstopper for the perfect autumn feast.

Sweet Potato Jack-o’-Lanterns

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There’s something about carving food that makes eating it so fun! Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, these jack-o’-lanterns will melt in your mouth.

Mummy Hot Dogs

Wrap “bandages” around your hot dog to make your own mummy! Although these ones aren’t so scary, only delicious!

Mouthwatering Miso

Miso Soup

Miso soup is a staple in Japanese cuisine. In fact, it’s believed that on average, people in Japan eat it about once a day! Made from miso paste and traditional fish stock called “dashi,” this dish is best served when fresh and warm. Don’t forget to add tofu, if desired!

Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower

There’s something satisfying about tossing in a whole head of cauliflower to roast in the oven! Serve this impressive (and surprisingly easy) side dish in steak slices, or dig in with a fork and knife for a hearty vegetarian meal.

Mexican Rice

Photo of Mexican Rice

Experimenting with rice is a wonderful way to help finicky kids branch out. It’s hard not to love plain rice with butter and salt, but you might be surprised at the happy reception this fluffy, flavorful Mexican rice receives. Mild salsa, butter, and spices make this simple side dish a kid-approved favorite.

Classic Matzah Brei

Matzah Brei

Matzah (or matzo) is a type of flat cracker that is a central part of the Jewish holiday of Passover. Whether or not your family celebrates Passover, you and the kids may have seen shelves of extra matzah in your local supermarket this time of year. Unsalted and unleavened, matzah is not exactly bursting with flavor … but it’s great at soaking it up!

One of our favorite matzah dishes is Classic Matzah Brei. Sort of like a quick French toast, this delicious mix of softened matzah crackers and scrambled eggs tastes great plain with a little extra salt, or sweetened up with maple syrup or apple sauce!