Point, Watch, and Learn!

Learn kid-friendly recipes step by step in augmented reality.

Cooking, learning, & growing together

Nurture healthy habits and a love of learning with a new culinary journey each month!

Enjoy family time

Create meaningful moments as you cook and learn together.

Explore new tastes

Try something new, with hands-on food fun and exciting flavors.

Learn with us

Dive into themed lessons in STEM, language arts, and more.

Gain confidence

Chop, bake, and sauté through new challenges each month.

How it works

1.  Pick your plan & join the club. Members enjoy a monthly cooking kit, additional online recipes and games, and a supportive online community.

2. New adventures monthly. Each month brings a new box with 3 step-by-step recipes, a cool kitchen tool, and an activity-filled Foodie Fun magazine.

3. Delicious learning. Stir up memories and watch your child’s confidence grow in the kitchen and beyond, as they tackle new challenges monthly.

Select a subscription plan

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Inside the box

3 tasty recipes

Beautifully photographed & easy-to-understand guides for all ages.

Quality kitchen tools

Kid-friendly utensils to up your junior chef’s kitchen game.

Foodie Fun magazine

Exclusive activities & fun learning while your food cooks.

Achievement stickers

Collectibles to celebrate your kitchen victories!

Shopping list

Printed grocery checklist with a digital link for dietary substitutions.

We go beyond the box.


Dive into bite-size lessons and recipe spotlights with our very own chef!

Edible Online

Get cooking with free digital recipes and dietary modifications for every kit!

Games & Activities

Explore printable coloring pages, card games, craft ideas, and more.

Learn & Grow

Hands-on lessons in STEM and more take your culinary education to the next level.

Explore Kidstir Kits

Kidstir kids are happy kids 🙂


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