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Last-Minute Gifts: Monthly Box Subscriptions for Children and Teenagers
“A subscription is the gift that keeps on giving…These fun boxes suited to various ages and interests would be where I would turn.”
Kidstir kick-starts fun in the kitchen
“Kitchen projects involving sugar turn kids’ heads instantly. Those involving meat and veggies? Not so fast. That’s one reason Aparna Pande launched Kidstir — to kick-start a healthy, lifelong relationship between kids and food.”
Kitchen Sink: Home Schooled
“Parents like the idea of their kids learning to cook; it’s the reality of finding the right recipe and the right moment that gets in the way. Well, opportunity just knocked with Kidstir.”
Gift Ideas to Get Kids Cooking
“Getting kids into the kitchen early and often is one of the best ways to help them grow into a healthy, self-sufficient adult.”
Get Cooking! With Kids…
“Want an all-inclusive box? It exists. Kidstir includes a themed box each month with picture-based recipes that are easy to follow, complete with kid-friendly tools to make the recipe.”
Kitchen Fun with Kids: How to Teach Your Children to Cook Without Losing Your Mind
“If you’re a busy parent, let someone else do the legwork for you. With a subscription to Kidstir… kitchen time with your child is a no-brainer.”
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Cute Subscription Boxes for Kids That Deliver Fun to Their Door
This cooking kit makes their kitchen creations edible with easy-to-follow recipes, kid-size tools and a printed shopping list. Let’s just hope she’s less picky with her own dinner than she is with yours.”