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Orchard Tips

Orchard Tips
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One of the best ways to celebrate the harvest is to go to an orchard and pick your own apples. Here are some tips for making your apple picking trip a success!

1. Find a local orchard
Go online to find a local orchard that’s open for picking. Give them a call and find out what type of apples are ready to pick and if they have any dwarf trees that kids can reach without a ladder.

2. Get picking!
At the orchard, ask the farmer how to tell if the apples are ripe (this varies depending on the variety). Then, set out to the orchard with a basket. Inspect each apple for signs of bugs or bruises. To pick, place your hand on the apple and twist at the stem.

3. Bring your apples home
When you get home, don’t rinse your apples. Leave them in the cool, dark place and they’ll last several weeks.

4. Bake some apple treats
To eat or bake your apples, just rinse them and follow the recipe directions. Happy Autumn!