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Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean Brownies Directions

hands-on time:7 minutes

• paper towel
• 8-inch or smaller baking pan
• blender (optional)
• fork
• spatula or whisk
• measuring cups & spoons

start-to-eat time:40 minutes

kids kitchen skills:
• rinsing
• mashing
• blending and mixing
• oven safety

note Grown-up steps and notes

Beans in a brownie? You heard that right! Give this funky ingredient a try, and you’ll be amazed!


• 1-15 ounce can black beans
• 3 eggs
• 3 tablespoons vegetable oil (plus more to grease pan)
• ½ cup cocoa powder
• Pinch salt
• 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
• ¾ cup white sugar


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and grease a baking pan.
2. Drain and rinse the black beans thoroughly. Pat dry, and mash the beans with fork until they form a soft paste.
3. Beat eggs and combine with beans, oil, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, sugar, and salt. Mix until smooth (use a blender to speed things up!). Pour your mixture into your greased pan.
4. note Bake the mixture until the top is dry and edges pull away from the sides of the pan, about 30-35 minutes.

Makes 9 squares