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Say Cheers!

Say Cheers!
Celebrate with a toast from around the world!
Clink your glasses together with these sayings (Print a nicely designed version by clicking the “Download Here” link above):

  • France: “Santé!” (pronounced Sahn-tay)
  • Italy: “Salute!” or “Cin Cin” (Saw-lutay, Chin chin)
  • Great Britain: “Cheers!”
  • Spain: “Salud!” (Sah-lud)
  • Germany: “Prost!” (Prohst)
  • South Africa (Zulu): “Ooogy Wawa!”(OOO-gee wah wah)
  • Costa Rica: “Pura Vida” (Pur-ah vee-dah)
  • Sweden: “Skål!” (Skole)
  • Japan: “Kanpai!” (Kam-pie)
  • Thailand: “Chai Yo!” (Chie-you)

You’ll find some great drinks to offer your kid and grown up party guests in our “Summer Sips Kit“. Plus, check out our drink recipes: Magic Melonade, Lemon Fizz, Grape Fizz, and Sip Sip Hooray for your toast to worldly kids!

Now that you have learned how to toast in the languages above, you can discuss other travel and culture tidbits like what kids eat for breakfast around the world, or world cheeses like Havarti, Feta, Stilton, Brie or Gruyere. Finally, you can challenge your friends to our quiz “Where do Bananas Grow Around the World?”. Cheers!