How to Chop Onions

Chop Onions Like a Pro

How to Chop Onions Like a Pro. Best to decide what is age appropriate for your kids to do chopping (recommended ages 6-7 for paring knife on soft foods; ages 8-9 for root vegetables and best if supervised).

  1. Grownups should help cut the onion in half. Lay one half flat on a cutting board and cut off both ends. Peel off the skin.
  2. Slice the onion crosswise. Make as many cut lines as you can fit on the onion. Hold the knife firmly and tuck fingers back.
  3. Flip the onion slices sideways and lay flat on the cutting board. Cut downward to dice. Then finish off with a quick chop.

Kids have you ever wondered why cutting onions makes us cry? Here’s the answer:

Onions contain a oil, which has lots of sulphur in it. When you cut the onion, this oil is released. It evaporates very fast. When the oil gases reach your eyes, it causes irritation and sends signals to your tear gland to produce tears. So that the tears can wash away the irritant from your eyes. Then the excess amount runs down your face and the irritant is also removed along with it. Pitara Kids Network

One important place you might use chopped onions is in making soup – yum! What’s your favorite use of onions? Do you like them on hamburgers? How many recipes can you think of that include onions?

Learning to chop vegetables is also important for making Pico De Gallo Salsa for dips – which uses another type of onion, called scallions. Scallions are used in lots of dishes when you are looking for a milder taste than onions. Our favorite is this quinoa salad recipe.

How to Chop Onions Infographic

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