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I don’t see my 12 month subscription listed in my account under Subscriptions.

Yes, we can see how this would be confusing! Because 12 month subscriptions automatically end after 12 months and never auto-renew, our order system considers them a one time product, rather than a subscription. Rest assured, you will be getting one kit per month for 12 months, exactly what you expect from a 12 month subscription. In your account details, however, this purchase will be listed as an Order, not a Subscription.

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I’m trying to cancel my subscription but don’t see a “cancel” button. Help!

Good news, if you’re not seeing a cancel button it means that you are in the final month, 3 month, or 6 month term of your subscription already and your subscription will automatically end when that term ends. If you are not in the final term of your subscription and don’t see a cancel button, please Contact Us at so that we can help you.

For more information about cancellation, please take a look at this post.

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I received Kidstir kits last year and want to continue. Will the kits for 2017 be the same as 2016?

Our 2017 kit line up will be the same as the 2016 kit schedule. Some of our little chefs received gifts that were for limited periods of time and they do not yet have all 12 kits. We now have an option for Returning Subscribers to fill in any kits missing from their cookbook collection.

Beyond these 12 kits, If you want to continue cooking with us, you can always purchase our Taco Truck Fun kit that is available in our Store all year long. If you liked Kidstir and already have all the kits, we would be grateful if you purchase it for your close friends, cousins or other little chefs that would love it as a birthday or holiday gift.

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What does the 30% promo code offer?

The 30% promo code offers 30% off the first kit of a new subscription. As the individual price of our subscription kits ranges from $12.95-$15.95 per month, this calculates to $5 off. You will see $5 deducted from your total subscription at checkout if you enter the code into the promo code box.

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How many kits do I get and how often?

Kidstir is focused around building a 12 month cookbook. Whether you order a monthly, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription you will only get 1 kit per month. The 3/6/12 month subscriptions are pre paid upfront and you are guaranteed to receive one kit per month for the number of months for which you have pre paid. All subscriptions except the 12 month will auto-renew by the 24th of the final month of the prepaid term in order to complete the 12 month cookbook.

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When can I expect my cookbook binder?

If you added on a cookbook binder with your subscription- or received one as a bonus with a 12 month prepaid subscription- your Kidstir cookbook will be sent in a separate package from your monthly kit.

In most cases the binder and kit will ship out on the same day, but don’t panic if the binder arrives a few days later because it’s in a separate package and the USPS may route it differently.

When your kit and binder are shipped, two distinct emails with subject line “Your order has been shipped!” will be sent to the shipping (parent/guardian) email listed on the order. These emails will come from and include USPS tracking numbers so you can follow the progress of your packages.

Remember, you will get 2 separate emails with 2 separate tracking numbers for your kit and binder respectively. If you don’t see one or either of these emails, please look in your spam folder.

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