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Farmer’s Market Hunt

Farmer’s Market Hunt
Take a trip to your local market to stock up on fresh, seasonal veggies. While you’re there, hunt for yummy treasures! Print out this scavenger hunt list (Click the “Download Here” link above) and bring it with you (or take a picture of it!). Check off each item you find
on this list:

  • 2 different red fruits
  • A food that grows underground
  • A food that grows on a tree
  • A food that grows on a vine
  • The biggest veggie at the market
  • The tiniest veggie at the market
  • A vendor selling jam or honey
  • A funny shaped fruit or veggie
  • A list of what’s in your market basket
  • 5 green foods

Here’s the Kidstir guide to seasonal fruit for kids, so you can get the very best fruit at your farmer’s market. Also, be sure your kids know their root vegetables so you can find seasonal root veggies too! Last but not least, have you ever wondered how to choose the best strawberries?