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Take the “Shake My Booty” Pledge!


We’re serious, people! This is a real thing we’re hoping you’ll actually do with your whole family. By signing this promise, you all will pledge to move your tush in some way every single day. Why swear to shake your butt? Simple: It’s the biggest muscle in your body, and you need it to do almost everything. Your behind is stealthy that way. A preview of the pledge is below, but be sure to download your own and print out enough copies for everyone in your fam. Hang them in a place where y’all can see them, and then do your best to keep each other accountable.

The good news? You really don’t have to get all your exercise in at once. Short bursts can all add up. And to make it easier to sneak in those extra minutes, we’ve created a fun activity jar printable that comes with 30 instant fitness ideas. Just pick one out, and get your shimmy on!

The Shake My Booty Pledge

I, _________________ do so solemnly swear to SHAKE MY BOOTY for at least 60 minutes a day in whatever way makes me happy! By signing this pledge, I also understand that I do NOT have to get all my minutes at once. Five minutes here. Ten minutes there. It all counts!