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Our Happy Cooking Kits are designed to spark a love of good food in kids! Each monthly kit provides a hands-on food adventure for children. All of our kits are themed around seasonal ingredients and occasions and have been tested with real families to ensure that everything is fun, learning-filled, easy to use, and absolutely delicious. Kids 5 to 10 and their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other special grown-ups love cooking with Kidstir. We do the planning, so you can have fun in the kitchen!

Each Happy Cooking Kit includes:
3 step-by-step recipes that are simple and easy for children and grown-ups
2 quality kid-sized cooking tools that get children involved in hands-on fun
1 special gift, like stickers, gift tags, door hangers, puzzle books, and more
3 foodie-education pages that teach culture, vocabulary, science, math
3 fun and learning-filled games and activities
1 fresh-food shopping list that is enclosed in the kit and emailed ahead of time

Over the course of a year, kids can collect their activity pages in a special binder and build their very own
Happy Cooking Cookbook

JANUARY Soup’s On! Serve up bowls of hearty homemade soup.
FEBRUARY We Heart Dinner Turn an everyday meal into a grand occasion!
MARCH Sunny Salads It’s time to toss up some colorful, tasty salads.
APRIL Amazing Appetizers Serve up finger foods to family and friends.
MAY Hello, Breakfast! Start your day with a farm-to-table breakfast.
JUNE Snack Happy When a snack attack hits, grab one made from scratch!
JULY Summer Sips Quench your thirst with some cool-off drinks.
AUGUST Sandwich Shop Get ready to make and pack a yummy lunch.
SEPTEMBER Bake Me Happy It’s time to start baking your very own goodies!
OCTOBER Spooky Celebration Cook up some creepy cuisine for Halloween.
NOVEMBER Gobbling Good Fixings This Thanksgiving, head to the kitchen and get cooking.
DECEMBER Winter Wonderland Cookies Let it snow in your kitchen with a flurry of treats.

SPECIAL EDITION KITS—No Subscription Required!
Taco Truck Fun Learn how to cook Mexican food at home.
Bake My Day Turn your kitchen into an at-home bakery.
Good Morning Wake up to a hearty homemade breakfast.

BONUS with prepaid 12-month subscriptions: A special cookbook binder to
collect all your recipes!

3 step-by-step recipes covering all food groups

3 educational foodie pages

2 kid-sized
cooking tools and themed activity materials

A digital and printed shopping list

3 fun games and puzzles

A email newsletter packed with recipes and printables

Check out our amazing lineup of kits
for the year ahead!

$15.95 per month

3 months
$15.95 per month

6 months
$14.50 per month

12 months
$12.95 per month

Choose 2 years of Family Circle, Parents, or Rachael Ray Every Day magazine, value $8. Shipping is $3.95/month.

Growing up is just about the biggest adventure there ever was—and it’s full of twists and turns.
Our Growing Up Guides provide a little GPS. Each monthly guide invites kids 5 to 10 to explore a new destination on the road to becoming a big kid. By sharing cool facts and fun, hands-on activities, the guides provide kids with an engaging and entertaining way to practice valuable life skills. Even better, they promise to spark new family conversations and closer connections.

Each Growing Up Guide includes:
3 sets of activity cards (18 pages total!) packed with
educational info, games, journal prompts and more
2 awesome gifts that give kids a chance to put their new skills into action
1 special extra item like a game board, stickers, cards, and more
Free download of the Growing Up Guides Map! 

Over the course of a year, kids can collect their activity pages in a special binder
and build their very own Guidebook to Growing Up

JANUARY Energy Bar Fuel up and feel strong!
FEBRUARY Caretaker’s Cottage Learn to care for living things like plants and pets.
MARCH Friends & Family Tree Feel closer to those you like and love the most.
APRIL Mount Cleanamanjaro Take pride in your living space.
MAY Tech City Get the best out of screens.
JUNE The Big Pig Earn, save, and spend your money.
JULY Fix-It Factory Use (real) tools like a boss.
AUGUST Mirror Lake Reflect on and understand all of your emotions.
SEPTEMBER Time Lab Manage your time, say bye to stress.
OCTOBER Pleasant Park Master your manners at home and in the world.
NOVEMBER Kitchen Island Cook, bake, and share!
DECEMBER Party Palooza Be a great guest and awesome host.

SPECIAL EDITION GUIDES—No Subscription Required!
Uncharted Territory Travel someplace new (without getting lost).
Launching Pad Think creatively and solve problems like an entrepreneur.
Voyage of the Leader Ship Make a difference in your community.

BONUS with prepaid 12-month subscriptions: A special binder to build your very own Guidebook for Growing Up

3 sets of themed hands-on activities

Cool facts, fun games, and engaging challenges that introduce new life skills

3 wow-worthy gifts guaranteed to spark kids’ excitement!

Family chat ideas to spark new conversations

Simple journal prompts ignite creativity

Get even more activities and printables (including the Growing Up Guide Map!) online

Click to flip through one of our activity sets.
There are three in every guide!

Get a sneak peek of our first Growing Up Guide!