Christmas Baking For Kids

The holidays are a time for family, and many of the most important family traditions during the Christmas season are centered around food. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet dinner with your immediate family on Christmas Eve or a giant Christmas party for your extended family and friends, you’ll need to be prepared in the kitchen. However, Christmas food is not all about preparing meals on your own; it’s also about getting your family involved so that you can enjoy these special moments together.

Since many staples of Christmas cooking (like roasting a turkey) are not particularly well-suited for children, you may need to find Christmas activities for families that allow everyone to participate. For example, baking is a fun activity that offers plenty to do for both kids and adults. As an added bonus, the end result is DIY Christmas treats that everybody gets to enjoy!

But where can you get the recipes and necessary materials to start baking with your kids this holiday season? In today’s guide, we are going to answer this question and take a closer look at Christmas baking with kids and families. By the end, you’ll have some great ideas to really make your upcoming holiday plans fun, memorable, and delicious!

Baking As A Fun Family Christmas Activity

One of the keys to finding a fun family activity during the holidays is choosing a common goal that everyone can work toward. This is especially important when small children or even teenagers are involved, as it gives them something to look forward to during the baking process. So, make sure you illustrate exactly what the end result will look like. 

For example, if you have small children, you can show them pictures of DIY Christmas treats to whet their appetites. This will likely encourage them to participate with much greater enthusiasm. Even though adults are typically easier to convince in these situations, it may help to incentivize older members of your family with yummy treats, too!

Having goals in the kitchen also helps build a team mentality. Even though your family may not need any help working together as a cohesive unit, it can still be really gratifying and useful to make sure everyone is on the same page and working together. Otherwise, things could get disorganized quickly.

Another important aspect of baking during the holidays is assigning roles. Though you may prefer to have everyone help out with each step, it may be easier if each child has an assigned task to manage. From preparing the baking pans to cracking open eggs, you’ll want to ensure that every child (and adult) plays a part and knows that they’re adding their own touch to the final product. 

Naturally, assigning roles is much easier when you have a simple but detailed set of instructions. You can’t expect your young ones to manage complex or potentially dangerous activities in the kitchen. Therefore, you should have a step-by-step guide so that you can determine which tasks are kid-friendly and which ones should be handled by an adult.

Some of the best Christmas baking recipes are those that allow kids to do 95% of the work while the adults supervise to keep things safe and organized. Just remember that, even if the final baked goods don’t turn out perfect, that’s ok! The important thing is that your children are having fun. As an added bonus, your kids can hone their skills in the kitchen and create a lasting Christmas memory at the same time!

If you’re looking for easy, kid-friendly Christmas recipes, you can find multiple options at Kidstir. Additionally, we will outline some of the most popular Christmas baking ideas for kids in the sections below. 

Christmas Baking Ideas For Kids

It’s not easy coming up with kid-friendly baking ideas that also have a holiday theme. But don’t worry because we have you covered! If you’re unsure what to bake with your kids this Christmas, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Christmas Tree Stacks – Generally, cookies are a great option for holiday baking with your children. But if you want to kick things up a notch, you can bake different sizes of cookies, sprinkle them with green-colored sugar, and stack them up to look like Christmas trees. You can even add Christmas tree decorations with icing or edible cake toppers. 
  • Reindeer Brownies – If you and your kids can make brownies, you can easily turn them into reindeer treats in a matter of minutes. Once the baking part is finished, just add a layer of icing on top. Then, add broken pretzels as antlers, a piece of red or black candy for the nose, white icing for the eyes, and voila! You have some fun reindeer brownies for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Gingerbread People – Gingerbread people are classic Christmas cookies that have been around for decades. All you have to do is get the right cookie cutter and paint on some facial features with frosting. These also make great toddler-friendly Christmas treats, as they are easy to make and eat!
  • Shortbread Trees or Stars – Shortbread cookies are both fun and delicious. Additionally, they are extremely easy to cut and decorate into a wide variety of holiday-themed shapes, including stars and Christmas trees.
  • Peppermint or Polar Bear Cupcakes – Do your kids like cupcakes? If so, you can easily turn them into fun holiday treats by adding a bit of peppermint decoration or funny polar bear faces.
  • Santa Clause Bites – Finally, if you know how to bake classic peanut butter cookies, you can definitely make Santa Clause bites. These Christmas favorites are delicious and a great way to make the kitchen more festive. Once the baking part is done, you and your kids can decorate each cookie with a festive Santa Clause hat and beard!

Christmas Cake Pops Baking Kits

We hope that the baking ideas above can help you get started, but we understand that creating your own recipes or hunting for new recipes online can be a challenge. This is where kid-friendly baking kits can make your life easier and make baking even more fun for the whole family. At Kidstir, we offer several Christmas baking kits specifically designed with kids in mind.

Unlike most other Christmas baking kits, Kidstir offers a highly unique holiday treat — cake pops! Whether your kids want chocolate Christmas tree ornaments or Merry Christmas wreath cake pops, we have delicious options to choose from. Each of our Christmas cake pop kits includes detailed instructions so that kids can manage most of the baking on their own. Additionally, each kit has all of the pre-measured decorations and dry ingredients, making it even easier to jump right into the fun!

At Kidstir, we believe in focusing all of our products around fun, education, and family. For this reason, our kits have everything you need to start having fun family activities around the holidays. From cake pop stands to fun add-ons like Christmas aprons and oven mitts, we provide everything you and your kids need to have a happy and delicious holiday season! We hope you enjoyed our guide on Christmas baking for kids! Do you want to learn even more about acquiring delicious, kids cooking kits for Christmas and other special times of the year? If so, be sure to reach out to Kidstir today!

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