DIY Pizza Making For Kids

If there is one type of food that most kids (and parents) love to eat, it’s pizza. Whether you order a large cheese pizza from your favorite pizzeria or you get a premade pizza to cook in the oven, it will likely make your entire family happy. However, why opt for bland supermarket pizzas or expensive delivery pizzas when you and your kids can make personalized pizzas at home? Not only will you make a delicious meal, but you will also have a fun family activity planned for the afternoon or evening!


In today’s guide, we will discuss some of the benefits of DIY pizza making for kids, as well as products that you can use to make the process easier, more fun, and more educational for the whole family. So, let’s get started!

Why Make Your Own Pizza?

You may wonder why you should go to the trouble of making your own pizza when you can easily buy one that has already been made for you. So, why make your own pizza? It’s a fair question to ask. After all, many people prefer the convenience of premade foods. However, the truth is that making your own pizza or helping your kids make a pizza can have a lot of great benefits for the whole family. Here are just a few of the advantages of making your own pizza at home:


  • Fun, family-oriented activity – These days, it can be tough to find ways to get everyone away from their respective screens and devices. Fortunately, a fun activity like creating a meal together is the perfect excuse to gather the whole family together with a singular objective: make a delicious meal!
  • Opportunity to experiment – Getting a pizza kit with specific ingredients and measurements makes the process of creating your own pizza so much easier. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t customize your pizza and meal to match your tastes! This is especially important for kids who like to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. A pizza is a perfect canvas on which your kids can try a wide array of new flavors!
  • Valuable cooking skills – Learning how to make a pizza takes a little bit of time and practice. While the instructions in a DIY pizza-making kit for kids are simple and easy to understand, they can also help teach your children valuable skills in the kitchen. From kitchen safety to multi-tasking, making a pizza is a great way to teach your kids skills that will serve them well for years to come. 
  • Greater meal-planning flexibility – When you order a pizza, you essentially have to eat it within 30 minutes of its arrival — unless you plan on reheating it when you’re ready to eat. Alternatively, when you make your own pizza, you can plan your meal schedule to fit the needs of your entire family. For example, if you have some family members coming home later in the evening, you can wait to put the pizza in the oven until after they have arrived.
  • More affordable than delivery – Pizza-making kits allow you to manage how much time (and money) goes into your pizza. You won’t have to pay huge fees for extra ingredients or delivery costs. Instead, you can make a delicious meal for a fraction of the cost of getting a pizza delivered. 
  • Opportunity to promote healthy eating – Finally, DIY pizzas enable you and your children to choose exactly which ingredients go into your meal. This gives parents the chance to promote healthy eating habits for the entire family. Rather than buying unhealthy toppings, you can opt for healthier choices that will still result in a delicious pizza!

How To Make A Homemade Pizza

Making a homemade pizza is relatively easy, especially once you have done it a few times. However, the first time you attempt the recipe, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. You will need to roll the pizza dough, make and spread the pizza sauce, shape the pizza crust, and add your toppings. As you can see, it is not so complicated, but even making a personal pizza can take a few attempts before you get it just right. 


The most important and perhaps the most difficult aspect of making a pizza is making and rolling the dough. Generally, you will need to use flour, yeast, water, and salt. Some recipes will call for olive oil as well. In any case, you simply need to mix these ingredients until they have formed a paste-like dough. Then, you can roll and shape your dough into a pizza shape with an upturned crust. After that, you just have to use premade sauce or make your own pizza sauce using tomato paste and herbs. Finally, you only need to add your toppings and put your creation in the oven for roughly 20 minutes (depending on the size of the pizza). 

The Kidstir Pizza Kit

If you are searching for the perfect DIY pizza kit for kids, you can’t go wrong with the Kidstir Pizza Kit. This kit includes everything you need to find the right ingredients and help your kids make the perfect pizza! However, the benefits of the Kidstir Pizza Kit don’t stop there. In fact, there are various benefits to this kit that go far beyond the essential recipe you need to make a meal.

Learn About The History Of Pizza

Unlike most pizza kits and recipes, the Kidstir Pizza Kit is specifically designed to help kids learn and have fun at the same time. Not only will your kids learn how to make a pizza, but they will also learn about the history of pizza. When was pizza invented? Where was pizza first popularized? What countries around the world eat the most pizza? These are the kinds of questions that your kids will be able to answer after using the Kidstir Pizza Kit!

Step By Step Instructions For Fun Homemade Pizza

Naturally, the most important part of a pizza kit is the instructions. More specifically, kids need simple instructions to understand. Fortunately, the Kidstir Pizza Kit uses language that is both fun and easy for young children to understand. If you have kids who cannot read yet, you can help them with the instructions, but otherwise, the step-by-step instructions will allow kids to do most of the work on their own!

Pizza Appetizers & Side Dishes

In addition to the main dish (pizza), the Kidstir Pizza Kit also comes with recipes for parmesan salad cups to accompany your meal, as well as lemon pepper wings as a delicious appetizer. This way, you and your kids are not just making a pizza. You are making an entire meal that will leave everyone satisfied!

Build A Solar Pizza Box Oven

Lastly, the Kidstir Pizza Kit is great for parents and kids who are interested in STEM learning, thanks to the solar pizza box oven. The hands-on instructions can help your kids build their very own oven that functions via solar power. So, if you really want your kids to have fun and learn a wide variety of useful life skills, the Kidstir Pizza Kit is the best option on the market!

Do you want to learn more about DIY pizza making for kids? If so, be sure to reach out to Kidstir today!

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