Animal Assistants set


This set is for the animal and snack lovers. Let these adorable animals be your kitchen helpers for a day! They’ll turn your favorite cookie and cracker recipes into little creatures that’ll totally win your heart.   
  • Fish Cookie Cutters: Any Finding Nemo lovers out will go crazy for these cutters. Coming in three different sizes, these cutters can definitely be used on more than just cookies. Try them on cheese slices, toast slices, pancakes, or even watermelon! Let your imagination run wild: serve up some shark-shaped foods, and make your fish “swim” away from danger. 
  • Animal Cookie Cutters: It’s a zoo party in here! These cutters come in four shapes: horse, elephant, giraffe, and lion. To use, press the cutter into dough. Wiggle the edges, then lift the cookie cutter (with the dough inside). Press firmly on spring to release the cookie. Detailed markings will appear and make your animals super realistic. 
  • Puppy Pot Holder: Perfectly sized for kid hands, this silicone glove allows you to handle pan handles and utensils things safely. Woof woof! 
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