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Masking Tape Activity Prompts

One of the easiest ways to encourage kids to sneak more activity into their day is to set up a couple of masking-tape prompts on the floor. Pick up a roll of painters’ tape at the hardware store, then try one or more of these ideas with your munchkins:

1. Hopscotch Board: Just like you’d make with chalk in the driveway! Try it in a hallway and use a small stuffed animal for tossing.

2. Start and Finish Lines: Perfect for races of all kinds: log rolls, animal walks (crab, bunny, kangaroos!), wheelbarrows, you name it.

3. Tic Tac Toe: Sure, kids can use toys, but encourage them to try to play this Twister style. One foot or hand in each space!

4. Balance Beam: Littles can practice walking the line. Older kids can use it to practice different jumps:
• Face the line and jump forward and back on both feet.
• Stand next to the line and jump over it side to side
• Try both moves on one foot!

5. Agility ladder: Your kids might have used one of these at soccer practice. To make one, aim for these dimensions: 15 feet long by 20 inches wide. Space the rungs about 15 inches apart. There are tons of ways to use this: Hop from rung to rung; tip-toe in and out along the side; or side-step in and out. For even more ideas, check out the video below from Canadian tennis instructor Dennis Dobrovolsky.

Have fun!