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Back to the Roots



Kidstir & Back to the Roots Team Up!

We are thrilled to tell you about our new friendship with innovative food start-up Back to the Roots. Back to the Roots was founded by two UC Berkeley graduates (Go Bears!), Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez. During their time at Berkeley, Nikhil and Alejandro learned that recycled coffee grounds provided the perfect environment to grow mushrooms.

With their curiosity about sustainable urban farming, they soon realized that many people have lost sight of where their food truly comes from. That’s how Back to the Roots grew to be the company it is today. It was built on a passion to reconnect families to their food and to inspire them to have fun using the simplest ingredients and least processed versions.

Back to the Roots has won numerous awards, including Martha Stewart’s American Made Honoree and Inc.’s Most Creative Consumer Brand. They’re also beloved by fans of their Ready to Grow line Mushroom Farm, AquaFarm (now Water Garden), and Garden in a Can.

We are excited to support Nikhil, Alejandro, and the whole Back to the Roots team as they launch their brand new snack product, Stoneground Crisps. These yummy crisps will be featured in our June Grab & Go Snacks Kit, giving our Kidstir community the honor of being the very first families to try this item before it goes on shelves nationwide.

So join us for some happy snacking as Kidstir & Back to the Roots explore healthy and quick snacks that are made with simple and wholesome ingredients!