’80s Night!

’80s Night!


July 2020 Content Label

Do you ever wonder what life was like when your parents were kids? Were there iPhones? What did people wear? And most importantly, what did they eat?! This month, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with three classic recipes from the 1980s.

First, get your groove on with crispy Shake Shake Chicken. Then practice steaming and sauce-making with Cheesy Broccoli. Hey! Is that the ice cream truck passing by? Orange Dreamsicles are a tangy-sweet treat you won’t forget.Practice your freezing technique with Rockin’ Pop Makers, and make your very own sunglasses with our Sweet Shades cutouts. Cozy up with some of the funniest 80s family movies, make beautiful breakfast cereal art, and puzzle your way through our popsicle-stick building challenge.

The 80s may be totally over, but the food fun is just beginning!

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