Cookbook Binder

Cookbook Binder


Organize your recipes, foodie pages, games, and activities!

Our custom cookbook binders are designed to store your recipes for years to come. This three-ring binder is the perfect size to fit a year full of fun and educational materials. There is a place on the back for kids to personalize the cookbook with their name. Six printed chapter dividers (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Drinks, Soups & Sides, and Desserts) ensure your little chefs can easily find and cook up their favorite foods whenever they want! Plus, these binders serve as the perfect place for kids to collect the achievement stickers they get in every cooking kit, to remember and celebrate their Kidstir journey!

Binders are durable, wipe clean, and have easy open rings. They also lay flat for convenient use in the kitchen. For easy reference, Kids Kitchen Rules are included inside and Handy Measurements are printed right on the back.

Your child can build his or her very own cookbook!

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This Kidstir Cookbook Binder can be purchased without a subscription.

If you purchase a prepaid 12 month subscription, you’ll get a BONUS Kidstir Cookbook Binder along with your first kit. You do not need to make a separate purchase through this form. If you have Special Edition kits or a binder was not added to your subscription at the time of purchase, get your cookbook binder below. Ready, set, cook!

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