Soup’s On

Soup’s On


January kids soup's on cooking KitServe up bowls of hearty homemade soup, and build your cookbook’s Soups chapter!

Get ready to practice your cooking skills—and stir up something good—with your new Kidstir soup kit!

In this kit, you’ll find three scrumptious soup recipes. You’ll also learn how to chop an onion, eat noodles with chopsticks, and make a bread bowl for serving soup.

When you’re in the mood for ramen, stir up Oodles of Noodles and eat it with your new Giraffe Chopsticks. Craving Italian? Simmer a pot of Pizza Soup on the stove and play Soup Scramble Games while you wait. Next, grate carrots on your new Turtle Grater and add to the creamy Cheesy Broccoli Bowls.

Mmm-mmm good!

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