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What about food allergies, gluten intolerance, vegetarian, low carb, and other special diets?

Families have different situations and preferences around food. Our founder’s children have serious nut allergies.  Each of our Happy Cooking Kits include multiple recipes that contain suggestions for substitutions wherever possible. We never include recipes with nuts as an ingredient. We have heard from families dealing with gluten, lactose, soy, egg, and other intolerances who tell us they’ve successfully adapted recipes to meet their needs. We encourage our community to share ideas with each other through our social media pages, such as Facebook. We expect supervising adults to carefully examine recipes and any food items to ensure they are safe for their child and family’s specific situation. Our hope is that through our Happy Cooking Kits, children will see food as a wonderful adventure, while also learning how to stay safe in consideration of their individual needs.