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Tree-Trimming Treat

Tree-Trimming Treat Directions

hands-on time:15 minutes

• large plate
• butter knife

start-to-eat time:15 minutes

kids kitchen skills:
• spreading frosting
• food presentation

note Grown-up steps and notes

Don't have time to decorate a gingerbread house? Trim a sweet tree instead! All you need is a little frosting, ice cream cones, and sprinkles.


• 1 cup frosting (you can use the Cookie Frosting in the Winter Wonderland Kit or any favorite frosting recipe)
• Ice cream cones
• Sprinkles, colored sugar, and cookie decorations


1. Carefully spread the frosting on the ice cream cones to cover all sides.
2. Pour the sprinkles onto a plate and roll the cones on all sides. You can also sprinkle them onto the frosted cones straight from the jar.
3. Display the tree treats for a sweet decoration or eat them up as a dessert.