Bake On!

Kidstir Bake On! kit

With fall and back-to-school season, excitement peaks and mayhem can reach new levels. What can help: Remembering to Keep Calm and Bake On! In this kit, you’ll find delicious recipes to bake with fresh, seasonal ingredients and pantry staples that are forever favorites. Mhm, did someone say chocolate?

Preheat the oven and turn your kitchen into a bakery with No-Knead Bread. Impress yourself by making a loaf from scratch, and teach your little ones a little science along the way with how yeast works. Place veggies on top of your slices to make silly sandwich faces — don’t forget to enter your pics in our photo contest for a chance to win a free kit!

Then take on pancakes with a twist with a Dutch Baby. Never heard of a Dutch Baby? This treat is like a giant puffed pastry you actually bake, and fun fact, its true origins stem from Germany! Topped with pears and blueberries in a swirl, this is a dessert-for-breakfast we can get on board with.

For the perfect lunch break bite, it’s gotta be classic Fudge Brownies. Appealing to kids’ sweet tooth (okay, maybe adults’ too) is a great motivation to get everyone involved in the kitchen! Young chefs can rely on our Handy Oven Mitt to stay safe so they can focus on enjoying their baked goodies. Other than learning oven safety, they’ll also pick up how to measure flour and practice patience while preparing their recipes. To pass the time, choose some hands-on activities from our Bake On! Homeschool Lesson Plan, or engage in a family faceoff with our Wordstir card game. When time’s almost up, play our Brownie word game to figure out what toppings to decorate your dessert with! Sprinkle, swirl, dust, or dazzle — the sky’s the limit.

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