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Kitchen Volunteering

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Volunteering is a great way to do something as a family that will benefit others, including other families. This winter, consider volunteering for a soup kitchen or another organization that helps those who are less fortunate. It’s a great way to spend time together while helping those in need.

Find a way to help together Talk to your children about ways you could volunteer. Many people who are homeless or struggling to make ends meet in our country rely heavily on food pantries or soup kitchens. The demand tends to increase during the winter season—making it a good time to volunteer together.

Search for a soup kitchen that welcomes young volunteers
Look online to find local soup kitchens and shelters and call in advance to find out if your children can volunteer with you. Or, try a search engine for volunteer opportunities, such as Once you find a food pantry, your older kids may be able to serve food. Younger children can hand out plates, napkins, and silverware. Remind your kids to be friendly and welcoming to everyone they serve.

Keep volunteering throughout the year
While need is greater in the winter months, soup kitchens and food pantries need volunteers year-round. If your family found volunteering rewarding during the winter months, consider volunteering over the summer, too. Many children depend on school lunches during the school year, and over the summer, survival centers need volunteers to distribute lunch foods to kids.