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Lunch Box Notes

Apple of my eye Kidstir
Print these great kids fruity and cheesy lunchbox notes by clicking “Download Here” above.
You’re the apple of my eye Lunch Box Notes
Cut out and slip these sweet notes into your kids’ lunch box today.

  • Love you to the core!
  • ❤ Orange you glad it’s lunchtime?
  • Have a grape day!
  • This note is cheesy i love you!
  • Don’t worry, BE HAPPY!

Lunch Note Love!
We know how much you love your little ones, so how about sending a little surprise in their lunch boxes? Print and cut out our fun lunch box notes and your kids will be reminded how you truly love them to the core! There are six illustrated heartwarming lunch box notes here to print and send some love for school kids at lunch time.

Here are some great Lunch Box Ideas for kids

1. DIY Taco Kit
Help your kids build their own tacos at lunch.

2. Make-Your-Own Sub
To prevent those soggy sandwiches, pack up the fixings for a sub and let you kids assemble it at school.

3. Pita Pocket
Send chicken or turkey salad (made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo for a healthy alternative)

4. Food on a Stick
Food always tastes better when it’s served on a stick.

5.  Salad Bar in a Jar
Layer a mason jar with salad stuff.